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Anna Kelly and her Ignis

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In between her busy shifts as a nurse, trips to the beach and visiting family, Anna took the time to tell us about her colourful Suzuki Ignis. Keep reading to find out how her 'Wee Beauty' fits into her life in the Deep South.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I live in Dunedin, I work as a nurse here. Love getting out for walks and spending time with my family.

Is this your first new car? 

Yes! For work I have driven new fleet cars periodically but never had the fun of my own new car.

What do you love about your Suzuki?

My wee Suzuki is a great car. I love the colour and look of her. She's fun to drive, easy around town but has oomph on open roads too. No issues at all in 3 years.

Why was your Suzuki Ignis the right fit?

Great finance terms meant it was affordable and just the perfect car for my needs.

How has owning your Ignis made a difference in your life?

It's been trouble free driving since I bought her. Wonderful. No worrying at each WOF as my last car was an older variety!

How would you describe your Suzuki to a friend?

Wee beauty.

Describe the experience you had buying your car?

Met Emma at Gilmour Suzuki when buying, so lovely. So easy, so helpful. Felt like I had all the information I needed to make the choice.

Have you got a nickname or pet name for your Suzuki and why?

Maggy. It's to do with the number plate...and my daughter’s cat 😁

How do you use the car day to day?

I drive to work every day. I also get out and about to beaches and hills in the weekends. Also up the Waitaki Valley and Christchurch to see family when I can.

What's some advice you would give to someone looking to buy a car?

Do some research, talk to others who have been through the process and look at their experiences. Go in and talk to the dealer directly. At Suzuki they are so happy to chat and talk options through.


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