20 May 2022

6 Practical Maintenance Tips For Kiwi 4WD Owners

There are thousands of beautiful places in Aotearoa that you can only get to in a 4WD, opening up a whole new world of adventure. Looking after your vehicle isn’t always that exciting, however it can

06 May 2022

Glossary of Car Buying Terms

Navigating the process of buying a new car can be intimidating, especially when you don’t understand all the jargon. Not only can you get lost in the conversation with the dealer, you might also miss

26 Apr 2022

8 Ways to Improve Your Commute

Getting ready for work and the daily morning commute can be eventful, to say the least. From forgetting your lunch, sleeping through your alarm and sitting for hours on end in stop-start traffic, any

14 Apr 2022

Our Guide to Car Insurance in NZ

Buying a car doesn’t stop as soon as you drive away from the dealership - you need to protect your investment. People make mistakes and accidents can happen any time of the day. With car insurance,

06 Apr 2022

Which Car Colours Are The Safest to Drive?

Shopping around for a new car is an exciting time, especially if you happen to find one that comes in your favourite colour. However, something you might not know is that car colours can actually

25 Mar 2022

6 Reasons You Should Service Your Car

No-one looks forward to the time of year when your service is due. Maybe you are looking to save on the running costs by putting it off for a month or two (or not at all), or are considering doing it

15 Mar 2022

When Should I Finance Rather Than Pay Cash

Now that you have found a car you like, the question is should you pay for it with cash or through finance?

03 Mar 2022

10 Car Safety Features That Could Save Your Life

With the advancement of technology, modern vehicles now boast an extensive range of car safety features that help you to drive safely and make your life much easier. While accidents aren’t something

24 Feb 2022

What Does the Clean Car Discount Mean for Me?

You may be thinking about buying a car, and with all the recent news around the Clean Car Discount, are wondering what vehicle is the right option for you.

10 Feb 2022

Top Tips for Driving With Pets in the Car

It’s holiday-time and you know what that means… road trip! Time to pack your bags, get your playlist ready, put your sunnies on, and hit the road with your family – including your pets.

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