Kyle Mansell and his Jimny

Kyle Mansell has caught the bug, the Jimny bug. "The Truck" as Kyle calls his Suzuki Jimny is his work horse. It has taken a lead role in his life with many of his hobbies and memories centred around

Tom and Paul Davies and their 'Skinny Jim's'

In 2021, a guy and his Dad both bought Jimnys, and three years on their love of the Jimny lifestyle has grown so much that they have even started their own business ' Skinny Jim'. They have a huge

Paul Alverez Del Castillo and his Jimny

Paul has always been a big fan of Suzuki Jimny, so when he moved to New Zealand he jumped at the chance to finally own one. His 'Off Road Toad' provides a lifestyle that he just can't get enough of,

Virginia Suckling and her Ignis

Confidence is feeling sure of yourself, and in Virginia's case, her new Suzuki Ignis is the reason she has confidence on the road. The reverse camera, compact size and height of the vehicle make her

Judith Munro and her Vitara

A pleasure to own. That's how Judith and John from Paeroa describe their Suzuki Vitara. They have found it to be the perfect travel wagon with great fuel economy and power on the open road, and say

Santelle Don and her Swift Sport

Santelle's hard work was well worth it for her brand-new Suzuki Swift Sport. Her 'Little Pocket Rocket' is compact and reliable for daily commutes, and can turn on the power when needed. Let's find

Michael Steer and his Vitara

Michael's family orientated lifestyle is no match for the Suzuki Vitara. Comfort, size and reliability are what make picking up the grandkids, day trips and everyday activities a breeze. Continue

Heather McCorquodale and her Jimny

Heather has unlocked her love for adventure all thanks to her Suzuki Jimny. Whether it's everyday tasks or something a little more daring, Jim makes it all fun. Heather has taken the time to share

Carol Crawford and her Swift

Since picking up the grandkids is a daily task for Carol, fuel economy and safety are a must in her vehicle of choice. This made choosing the Suzuki Swift a no-brainer. Find out what else Carol gets

Judy Rice and her Swift Sport

Judy and Winkle went a long way from Gnome. Over the summer of 2023, this courageous pair went on a mission travelling New Zealand in their racy red Suzuki Swift Sport. We love their sense of humour