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Geoff Ong and his Swift Sport

Once he steps onto the stage, multi-talented musician Geoff Ong turns from quiet introvert to high-energy and engaging performer. Outside of music, photography and video, Geoff’s other passion is

Tania Miller and her Vitara Turbo

The Vitara Turbo looks stunning and is just as comfortable on the open road as it is zipping around the city. Here we find out from Tania Miller, why this Suzuki SUV is the right one for her and her

Jordan Stoop and her Vitara Turbo

Starting a trend of Suzuki owners in her own family, Jordan has always found Suzukis to be affordable and reliable. We sat down with Jordan to see why she traded in her Swift Sport for a brand new

Lloyd Mathews and his Swift

With over 500,000 kilometres in a Suzuki Swift under his belt, AA Driving Instructor Lloyd Mathews is completely comfortable behind the wheel of a Suzuki. We found out from Lloyd what makes the Swift

Janet Martin and her Ignis

With its unique shape and excellent all-round visibility, the Suzuki Ignis is a top pick for a city car. We sat down with children's book author Janet Martin, to find out what it was like to buy her

Andrew Tarr and his Jimny

Andrew, part of the crew at the Kapiti Family 4WD Club, just loves going on adventures with his son in the Suzuki Jimny. We took a few moments to chat with Andrew and found out how this little Suzuki

Val Steer and her Vitara Turbo

Busy Auckland retiree, Val Steer has no plans of slowing down, recently upsizing from a Suzuki Swift to a Vitara Turbo. We caught up with Val to find out about her ownership experience and what makes

Julian Strangward and his Swift Sport

Julian Strangward drives professionally day in and day out and his Suzuki is his trusty companion. We wanted to find out how driving a Swift Sport performs in terms of fuel efficiency and handling.

Samara Herbert and her Swift Sport

The Suzuki Swift is a reliable and economical small car that Kiwis just love. We wanted to get the inside scoop on exactly what owning a Suzuki Swift Sport is like, so we got in touch with

Susan & Kim Unsworth and their Swift Sports

The Suzuki Swift has always been a Kiwi favourite. We decided to find out what made the Swift Sport so special to Wellington-based couple, Kim & Susan Unsworth. Kim gives us the run-down on their
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