Michael Steer and his Vitara

Michael's family orientated lifestyle is no match for the Suzuki Vitara. Comfort, size and reliability are what make picking up the grandkids, day trips and everyday activities a breeze. Continue

Heather McCorquodale and her Jimny

Heather has unlocked her love for adventure all thanks to her Suzuki Jimny. Whether it's everyday tasks or something a little more daring, Jim makes it all fun. Heather has taken the time to share

Carol Crawford and her Swift

Since picking up the grandkids is a daily task for Carol, fuel economy and safety are a must in her vehicle of choice. This made choosing the Suzuki Swift a no-brainer. Find out what else Carol gets

Judy Rice and her Swift Sport

Judy and Winkle went a long way from Gnome. Over the summer of 2023, this courageous pair went on a mission travelling New Zealand in their racy red Suzuki Swift Sport. We love their sense of humour

Anna Kelly and her Ignis

In between her busy shifts as a nurse, trips to the beach and visiting family, Anna took the time to tell us about her colourful Suzuki Ignis. Keep reading to find out how her 'Wee Beauty' fits into

Garry Cranfield and his Swift Sport

Garry's yellow Suzuki Swift Sport fits perfectly into his life of golf, photography and volunteering. Continue reading to find out how this sporty hot hatch brightens up Garry's life.

Lynne Moss and her S-Cross

Lynne, a busy retiree who loves to getting out and about, is a long-standing Suzuki customer owning a total of five Suzuki's both in the UK and here in NZ. Continue reading to find out what makes

Debbie & Geoff Anderson and their Ignis

While taking a quick break from zipping around Auckland in their Suzuki Ignis, Debbie and Geoff tell us why they love their little economical SUV. Find out why this car was the right choice for their

Gerhard Hoppe and his S-Cross

Likely to be found packing up his Suzuki S-Cross for another tour, Gerhard Hoppe lets us in on why this SUV has everything him and his wife needs. Continue reading to find out more about Gerhard and

Save the Kiwi and their Jimny

Our flightless national icon is in jeopardy. Although numbers of kiwi in protected areas are gradually improving, 95% of kiwi outside these safe zones simply don't survive. Save the Kiwi and their