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09 Aug 2021

How to Load a Car Safely for DIY

When you’re using your car as a workhorse, the way you pack your gear and materials for those DIY jobs needs to be done to ensure it’s safe for you and everyone on the road.

15 Jul 2021

How To Choose The Right Car Seat For Your Kids

Choosing the perfect car seat for your little one can be a daunting task - especially if you’re not across all of the rules and regulations. With so many options available it can be difficult to

05 Jul 2021

How Do You Fix Condensation Inside a Car?

We all know the struggle of getting in your car on a cold morning, ready to head out, only to realise that you can’t see a thing through your foggy windows.

14 Jun 2021

The 5 Best Things About Owning an SUV

The SUV or Sport Utility Vehicle was previously known mainly for its off-roading capabilities, but in recent years has become more and more popular for everyday use - and it comes as no surprise.

03 Jun 2021

Tips for Driving Safely in Different Weather Conditions

Travelling for work, getting away for a ski weekend or simply topping up on supplies, New Zealanders spend a lot of time on the road. Our country has nearly 95,000km of local roads and state

10 May 2021

Top Tips for Naming Your Car

Cars take us to work every day, squeeze all of our belongings in when we move house, put up with our taste in music, and protect us rain, hail or shine. When we spend so much time with our car, it's

03 May 2021

Practical Ways To Improve Your Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is commonly a top priority when it comes to owning a car. Not only will an economical vehicle save you money in the long run, it will also minimise your carbon footprint. Better for

01 Apr 2021

Road Trip Checklist: Preparing for a Safe Long Drive

Preparing to spend a long time behind the wheel can be a daunting task, especially on top of whatever it is you’re doing at the end of your long drive. Taking the time to prepare yourself, your car,

11 Mar 2021

Top 5 Car Features for an Active Lifestyle Outdoors

When you’re on the go and you need a car that supports your active lifestyle, there are some important features that will make a huge improvement to whatever adventure you’re chasing.

18 Feb 2021

Our Top 5 Practical Car Accessories to Maximise Your Budget

Whether it’s for safety, entertainment, or to protect your car, the right accessories can make a huge difference to your driving experience (and to the sale price when you come to sell it). From
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