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Chris Boyce and his Jimny

Chris Boyce Jimny

Chris Boyce is wild adventurer at heart. From catching waves to tackling mountain bike trails all over the North Island, there's nothing holding him back. In between his escapades, we caught up with Chris and found out how his Suzuki Jimny fuels his fun.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I live in the Far North of New Zealand and love to surf and bike in some of the more remote spots in the North Island.

Is this your first new car?

The Jimny is our first new car in 30 years and definitely our favourite.

Why did you choose Suzuki over other brands?

As soon as we saw the new Jimny on YouTube we knew we had to have one. It ticked all of our boxes but we especially wanted something fun and economical that can go anywhere with us.

What do you love about your Suzuki?

Absolutely everything, the Jimny just puts a smile on your face – you can’t help yourself.

How would you describe your Suzuki to a friend?

Adorable 😊

Have you got a nickname or pet name for your Suzuki?

Mr Magoo.

How has owning your Suzuki made a difference in your life?

We definitely visit more remote spots more frequently.

How do you use your car day to day?

For fun. Each of the pictures we take of our Jimny has a story of its own, like when the delivery van broke down and I collected all the new carpets for our house.

Chris Boyce and his Jimny 2

What will you be doing/where will you be going when you next pick up your car keys?

Heading out somewhere remote for one of my favourite sports.

What are the first steps or advice you would recommend to someone looking to buy a car?

Get a Jimny!


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