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Dave Walkley and his Swift Hybrid

Dave Walkley Swift Hybrid1

Dave is a semi-retired automotive technician and on top of his love for technology, he spends his spare time building furniture from recycled wood or pallets. Keep reading to find out why Dave loves his Suzuki Swift Hybrid '6ADGET' so much.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a semi retired automotive technician of 55 years. I live in Pukekohe. I now work as a maintenance engineer. I fill in my limited me time by building furniture from recycled/pallet wood.

What do you love about your Suzuki?

Was looking for a small car, economical to run as well as being able to down size the repayments. It’s a great little car packed with technology. There is plenty of room inside and the boot is bigger than the last Swift. Drives, rides and handles really well.

Why was your Suzuki Swift Hybrid the right fit?

Being a Hybrid it is in line with the government climate change policy plus cheap for me to run. And the Clean Car rebate was the icing on the cake. Well worth collecting.

How has owning your Swift Hybrid made a difference in your life?

For me it was the cost savings, fuel and no repayments to a finance company.

Describe the experience you had buying your car?

It is a great feeling buying a new car. And then knowing that I own it and not the finance company.

My last cars have all come from Winger Pukekohe. Sarah is the beez kneez. She went out of her way to find a deal for me each time.

How do you use the car day to day?

I work 2 days a week. Total of 62kms. The rest of the week I use it to run around in when needed, doing the things that need to be done in town. The rest of the time it lives in a garage. Haven’t gotten to putting a blanket over it yet, to keep it tucked up.

What will you be doing/where will you be going when you next pick up your car keys?

Not sure. Will have to wait and see when the spirit moves and where the spirit and mood takes me. Will incorporate a few road trips.

What's some advice you would give to someone looking to buy a car?

Know what you want out of a car. I did mine based on past cars. The Swift Hybrid does it for me. I think research is the key.


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