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Debbie & Geoff Anderson and their Ignis

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While taking a quick break from zipping around Auckland in their Suzuki Ignis, Debbie and Geoff tell us why they love their little economical SUV. Find out why this car was the right choice for their lifestyle.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

We are a retired couple based in Auckland, and have begun spending much of our time travelling around New Zealand living in our caravan and being grey nomads.

Is this your first new car?

No, we bought a new Mazda 3 SP25 in 2009, I also had three new company supplied vehicles between 2005-15.

Why did you choose Suzuki over other brands?

We wanted a small economical car to use around town and for shorter out of town trips. Although, the Ignis is very comfortable, and has the get up and go to do any highway motoring. We also wanted a car that was easy to get in and out of, and easy to park especially in the limited sized parking spaces around Auckland. We had several other brands in mind, and we saw and drove the Ignis first. To be honest it was everything we were looking for, so we looked no further.

What do you love about your Suzuki?

Pretty much everything. It’s small, easy to get in and out of, it’s comfortable and easy to park. It is without a doubt the most economical car we have ever owned,  even though it does have plenty of get up and go. My heavy right boot doesn’t usually achieve the fuel economy that the advertising states, but I have had it at 4.6 litres per 100km just to prove that it will do it.

How would you describe your Suzuki to a friend?

Small, funky and zappy!

Why was your Suzuki Ignis the right fit?

Despite it essentially being my wife’s car, I drive it most of the time and it does everything we want it to do. Debbie did say that she could never have imagined me buying a car such as the Ignis, but I love it. To clarify this statement, I also own a 4x4 Ranger and a classic V8 Falcon, but the Ignis is the go to machine when we’re at home. Our daughter and son-in-law who own the current Swift RS also use the Ignis as a secondary vehicle, so it has a child seat in it for our grandson.

How has owning your Ignis made a difference in your life?

It has provided us with a great little affordable vehicle to keep us mobile around Auckland and further afield, plus is much more user friendly than the Mazda Demio that it replaced.

Have you got a nickname or pet name for your Ignis?


How do you use the car day to day?

We use it for pretty much for all daily travel in and around Auckland, whether it be essential travel or just for pure enjoyment.

What will you be doing/where will you be going when you next pick up your car keys?

Haha, to Supercheap to buy some car polish.

What's some advice you would give to someone looking to buy a car?

Look at the purposes that you need the car for, at what will fit to you both practicality and personality wise and that suits your budget for both purchase and running costs. And, look for a car you are confident that you will enjoy owning.

Describe the experience you had buying your car?

The actual experience we had purchasing the Ignis from a Suzuki Dealership was initially very good throughout the test driving and purchase process. There was no finance involved, so it was all too easy. However, when it came to handover of the car, we were simply handed the keys and told to enjoy. In our previous experience when buying even a used vehicle the handover has always been quite comprehensive, where the salesman has gone through the controls (which isn’t usually necessary, but nice to have explained all the same). They have paired phones and shown how to use the Sat-nav system. We got none of this.
Later, we discovered online the there is a host of accessories available which we felt we should have been shown but weren’t. So, we went back and added the stone protector on the bonnet, the monsoons, the side body molds, the rear spoiler and the mud flaps, which was almost 2k of extras they could have sold at the point of sale.
So. I would have to say that the overall experience of buying our Suzuki Ignis was a little disappointing and could so easily have been better.


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