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Judy Rice and her Swift Sport

Judy and Winkle

Judy and Winkle went a long way from Gnome. Over the summer of 2023, this courageous pair went on a mission  travelling New Zealand in their racy red Suzuki Swift Sport. We love their sense of humour and Winkle certainly has his 'mistress' (Judy) getting out of her comfort zone on this trip. 

Continue reading to find out more about Judy and her adventures in her Swift Sport.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m Judy from Christchurch and am now retired. I am currently on my big O.E. across Cook Strait with my traveling Gnome, WINKLE. Though we have family in the North Island, I have never driven here before, but having a great new car has helped us to have a fantastic time.

Is this your first new car?

This was a treat, buying my brand new Suzuki Swift Sport. I love the colour - the red and black complete with racing stripes and ceramic paint protection. It travels better this way Winkle tells me. Apparently, there's better airflow when travelling, and we are not talking about air conditioning!

Why did you choose Suzuki over other brands?

I previously owned a Suzuki S4, and when the Suzuki Swift Sport came out this was my dream car. The Suzuki Swift has a great name. They are known for being reliable and you can trust them to perform. 

What do you love about your Suzuki?

The style of the car and wheels make it look racy. It's sassy, sexy, and posh. A car that a woman can definitely trust.

Why was your Suzuki Swift Sport the right fit?

I love the seats. They make me feel safe and cocooned in the seat. Plus my Swift Sport stands out against other brands making it easy to find amongst other cars.


How has owning your Swift Sport made a difference in your life?

It has given me confidence. It's not just the car, it’s the style. It’s like a good pair of shoes, it's classy. 

Describe the experience you had buying your car?

I took my brother with me. We had a very informative salesperson who answered all of our questions and more. I originally went in to buy a Swift Hybrid, but decided I would have the car I really wanted - the Swift Sport.

Have you got a nickname or pet name for your Suzuki?

My posh car.

Where will you be going when you next pick up your car keys?

Sightseeing around Hamilton.

What's some advice you would give to someone looking to buy a car?

After listening to what the salesperson has to say, you have to go with your gut feeling. 


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