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Lynne Moss and her S-Cross


Lynne Moss Edited-1

Lynne, a busy retiree who loves to getting out and about, is a long-standing Suzuki customer owning a total of five Suzuki's both in the UK and here in NZ. Continue reading to find out what makes Suzuki top of Lynne's list and why the Suzuki S-Cross is right car for her.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am 72 years old so I am retired. After many years of working for newspapers both in Christchurch and in Perth, I then moved to the UK and started selling new homes for a developer. I retired when I was 58, so I have time to go to the gym each morning, spend time in my garden which I love and walk my two little dogs in the afternoons. I am passionate about reading, so love my Kindle and also spend a lot of time listening to downloaded books from the library, which I can do while I am working.

Is this your first new car?

The car I have now is my seventh new car, the last 5 of these being Suzukis.

Why did you choose Suzuki over other brands?

I brought my first Suzuki Vitara back in 2002. The main reason for it was that I was travelling long distances on motorways in the UK to my work and decided that I needed to have a vehicle that was higher up so that I could see more of what was happening in front of me. I was so pleased with it that the next car I bought was another Vitara. Then coming back to New Zealand and not needing a big car, I decided to go with a Swift, then another Swift as I loved driving that model and now have the Suzuki S-Cross.

What do you love about your Suzuki?

I love the colour of my Suzuki, it is comfortable to drive and has plenty of room for my requirements.

Why was your Suzuki S-Cross the right fit?

The S-Cross gave us a chance to try out a slightly bigger vehicle than the two Swifts we had previously and it suits our current life style.

How has owning your S-Cross made a difference in your life?

We are confident in the brand and like the free servicing we get with it with Hollands Suzuki.

How would you describe your Suzuki to a friend?

Comfortable, reliable and goes well.

Describe the experience you had buying your car?

The purchase of the S-Cross from Hollands was very relaxed and a pleasant experience.

How do you use the car day to day?

I use the car to go to the gym each morning and for any other jobs that need doing. We use it for longer trips once in a while.

What's some advice you would give to someone looking to buy a car?

I would certainly recommend to anyone buying a car to go to their Suzuki Dealer and have a look at the range. My Grandson did this and he bought a Jimmy. 


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